Zomlypse Survival Part V – Ironic Playlist

14 09 2012

Ironic Songs From Movies To Kill Zombie’s To:

1. Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen : Made famous for killing Zombie’s from Shaun of the Dead. This playlist would not be complete without it, as well as who doesn’t love Queen?!?

2. Beautiful Life, Ace of Base: Though I do not know if it possible to listen to the song without head bobbing. – Night at the Roxbury

3. Perfect Day, Hoku: Just because! РLegally Blonde

4. Price Tag, Jessie J: Because it is not about the money, money. Just the head shots, severed heads, and clean get aways. We’re paying with lead tonight! ūüôā – Chronicle

5. Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper: Wear cheesy pink and blue dresses and let the atrocious¬†dancing commence! ¬†– Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

6. Jai Ho, A.R. Rahman: Insert Bollywood choreographed dance here, while working to that millionth kill  РSlumdog Millionaire

7. Over The Rainbow, Judy Garland: The Yellow Brick Road will be drenched in zombie blood РWizard of Oz

8. Wild Thing, The Troggs: I Think I Love you  РMajor League

9. Day-O, Harry Belafonte: Daylight come and me want to go home, to kill some zombies – Beetlejuice

10. Send Me on My Way, Rusted Root:  I may tell you to run. Nobody safe, nobody on. РMatilda

11. I Am A Man of Constant Sorrrow, Soggy Bottom Boys:¬†Zombie’s can smell out Dapper¬†Dan products like¬†a blood hound. AVOID at all costs! Dapper Dan=Cat nip for¬†zombies!¬†– O Brother, Where Art Tho

12. Lose Yourself, Eminem: That is not spaghetti on your sweater, dude Р8 Mile

13.¬† My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion: As much as I epically hate this movie, I actually like the song. No one in my group better abandon me in the middle of some iceberg infested waters and¬†not expect me to kick their butt off the giant floating door….- Titanic

14. Uninvited РAlanis Morissette: While riding a bike do not look up or close your eyes, you might not get hit by a truck, but the zombies will getcha. This is  РCity of Angels

15. Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer: I am not kissing any zombie’s unless I get an urge to be Kisssin Kate Barlow – She’s All That

16. Oh Yeah, Yello:¬†Oh Yeah! –¬†The Secret To My Success

17. Johnny B Goode, Chuck Berry: Go go! Go Jenny go! No Really, go! Flee! Zombies are coming!  РBack To The Future

18. Twist and Shout, The Beatles: Please free to reenact the float scene in the post zomplytic streets of New York. Make sure you stock up in fire power and dress some bait in those cute little german outfits. Break out that leopard print vest. Meow! РFerris Buellers Day Off

19. I Believe I Can Fly, R. Kelly: I think about it every night and day, killing zombies in my waaaaaay- Space Jam

20. Son Of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield: I don’t care if Billy Ray was the actual preacher man. Once infected he lost all rights to teach, reach and preach!- Pulp Fiction

21. All By Myself, Eric Carmen: While jamming, please fake tears and do an over the top dance. This song screams melodrama. – Drop Dead Gorgeous

22. Rolling with my Homies, Collio: Avoiding getting hit in the head with¬†a¬†shoe¬†will attempting bad dance moves¬†–¬†Clueless

23. Don’t You Forget About Me, The Simple Minds: After slaughtering zombies please locate a football field and do an epic fist bump that this song requires.¬†– The Breakfast Club

24. Afternoon Delight, Will Ferrell: If only while killing zombies you are picturing the scene from Anchorman or singing it as part of a quartet.

25. Shot You Down, Nancy Sinatra: Actually my mom’s suggestion. She said that she likes the sped up version,¬†later informed that was the Audio Bully version, because she thought it was a good song for killing zombies. – Kill Bill Vol 1