Zomlypse Survival Guide Part VI – Games

19 10 2012

Sometimes killing zombies can get a little monotonous, it happens, that’s life in the Zomlypse. When that time comes people might take unneeded risks to bring excitement to their lives (life on the brink of extinction wasn’t enough for some people) and therefore endanger themselves and the group. Research has shown promising results that by introducing some games to greatly reduce these risks. Here are some ideas that most positive response!


1. Counter: This puts everyone in a competition for the number of zombies killed. This can either be all time, weekly, monthly, etc depending on the group and how often you want to crown a winner. I am a very competitive and therefore this drives me to do better, act smarter, and be more efficient. Bonus points can be giving for multi-killer, killing spree, number of head shots…think of it as almost video gamed themed in scoring!


2. Horse: Have quite a few zombies to slay, some time to kill, and feeling a little creative? At least two people are needed and you just need to call the shot and have the next person duplicate and so on. The game is over when someone spells HORSE or there are not more zombies.


3. Zombie Scavenger Hunt: Though instead of collecting objects, you collect zombie spotings/or kills. You can use some of the suggestions below or make a list of your own.

One Armed Red Neck


Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Village People






4. Categories: The game is a little more fun with 3 or more people. Each person takes a turn and will think of a thing in a certain category (like ice cream flavor, movie, actor,actress) the remaining people take turns guessing until someone says the correct answer. The person who thought of the word and who said it correctly then have to both aim and hit a certain target (aka zombie) and whoever hits it first gets a point.


(I’ll take any excuse to put a picture of Eric Northman in my blog/life)


5.  Royalty: Zomlypse not required, this game is just very addictive and seriously competitive.