Ignorance is sometimes bliss

23 09 2012

I can’t be the only one on the planet that sometimes feels like I have most of the answers, or at least most of the important ones. But sometimes I find out I was wrong, swindled, and just assumed incorrectly. It happens, not too often, but it definitely does. Here are my 5 brightest non-bright moments.

5. Coffee Cake Contains Coffee – I HATE coffee. I really do. I hold grudges on baristas that accidentally make my peppermint hot chocolate during the winter, a mocha instead. I have to smell and taste the drink prior to leaving in case they are trying to poison me. I used to have someone else drink it before me, but soon realized I apparently don’t know anyone who can’t taste the coffee in a mocha…..learned that very quickly. ANYWAYS that is besides the point, but until about 6 months ago I just assumed that per the name it contained coffee, so I just stayed away from it. Until one day I said something like “No, I don’t like coffee, I don’t want any coffee cake” for someone to advise of my miss assumption. Pretty embarrassing if I don’t say so myself.

4. Actors Spend Their Whole Lives Doing a Movie – Yeah I am glad this happened when I was a child verses now. I used to think that they had to pick out who was going to be a good actor when they were a baby and filed a whole movie. Like the same person was the child, adult, and really old person. I think it me watching a movie with Julia Roberts to fully understand the concept that other people played them. I just thought they planned out the movies WAY far in advanced so they could do things in between.


3. The ending to Ring was a happy and joyful one – LIES! It took me almost a week to watch Ring (every time I got scared I paused the movie) and when it got to everyone being okay I just turned it off. I was way wrong, like super wrong. I then watched Ringu with my lovely friend Megan during a meeting for International Film Society in High School. It was mostly the same, a little scarier, until the end. I didn’t understand what was going on, and kept asking out loud what was happening and why the crazy girl was climbing out of the television set. Lets just say I wait for credits to come on now….

2. Clouds are a bi-product of factories – If you didn’t know this I am sorry to inform you now. I was not silly enough to think that the factories were making clouds, but I thought that it was more like a happy accident, like “Look we got concrete and clouds, YAY!” except not. I am not sure when this finally sunk in probably when we started learning about smog in school…either way in my defense the smoke totally does look like little baby clouds!

1. Telling my friend embarassing stories means they will be kept a secret – I have learned this several times over the years. I love my friends, and I can laugh at myself (obviously) but some times I get surprised by them remembering embarassing things (aka GENIE PHOTOS!) and having the stories retold again. But truth is, they are my friend whom I love very dearly, and calling me on stupid stuff I did makes me smarter next time, like not printing IM conversations, telling a story 10 times because someone wants me to tell everyone, and being awesome enough to laugh at the stories.

Well hope you liked it. If I left something off of here it was probably on purpose 🙂