10 Worst Chick Flick Endings

29 09 2012

1. Titanic – Regardless of knowing that the ship was going down I hate Titanic. Seriously, worst movie ever. I would share my door with Leonardo, or at least kick someone off their floatation device to save him. I would rather watch Avatar, and you really don’t me to go on a tangent about that.Translation – James Cameron + Me = Not Friends

2.  27 Dresses – Katherine Heigl, need I say more. Plus she does not deserve James Marsden!!!

3. Lake House – I still don’t understand that movie. Though funny story, my mother constantly falls asleep in movies and forgets she sees them. She saw MI3 4 times and guessed the ending the 4th time and was very proud of herself….I wanted to kill myself personally. Anyways, I convinced her that she had fallen asleep in Lakehouse and didn’t like it. She got a little too smart for me, and asked the Blockbuster Clerk (yup that long ago) if it had been rented under my account there, which it hadn’t. So we get home, watch it, and she hated it. All I told her was that I knew it and tried to avoid the pain of sitting through that movie and she should listen to me next time. Still makes me laugh 🙂

4. Thelma and Louise – I hate fill in your own blank endings. Personally I feel like the car went off the cliff and they died in a fiery car crashing…see not a great ending to a chick flick. Though Brad Pitt gets an honorable mention as being super attractive in the movie.

5. A Walk to Remember – Sometimes the “Happily Ever After” is too boring, unfortunately I feel like the let’s get married and then just kill the main girl a little too depressing….Yeah Yeah, the dude went on to medical school, and the dad says that he was the miracle his daughter got to witness before dying, but no. Sorry, hate it. I just am better off stopping the movie at the wedding and calling it a day.

6. She’s The Man – Typically I love the Amanda Bynes in her kid targeted roles (Sydney White, Hairspray, Big Fat Liar, Easy A) but the ending to this movie is just….weird. I understand it is based on of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, but that doesn’t end with a wheel of cheese, Viola being a horrible soccer player, and a debutante ball. Shakespeare is a great to remake in modern society with a twist, but please just make it less silly.

7. Law of Attraction – The concept at first is cute, obvious attraction but covered by despise, seriously that is right up my alley. Going off to Ireland and getting married in some weird ceremony – okay I guess that happens. Tabloid finding out about it/caring about it and then agree to be fake married to not ruin career – Okay I am getting lost now. betrayal and woman asking for divorce – YAY! Something that makes sense, back on track. Being forced to go back to Ireland, find out the marriage was faked but then realizing you fell in love and get real married – yeah I am so confused and realizing this movie is just plain bad.

8.  What’s Your Number – Anna Faris is hilarious, now that is out of the way…this movie is general is too predictable. Every step of the way I know what is going to happen. The ending was boring and the storyline in general was uninspired.

9. City Of Angels – No, I do not have a problem with sad endings, but this movie makes me cry. I hate crying, especially the “OMG! This is so depressing, why would I watch this” kind of crying. I have a deep love for Nicholas Cage, and he makes a unexcepted and surprisingly believable angel, but  Meg getting hit by a truck is just over the line. I mean he gave up everything he knew for her, and then she dies in some freaking gasoline fight accident….wait wrong movie, I mean and then she dies by closing her eyes while riding a bicycle and gets hit by a truck. Talk about your avoidable causalities, that was definitely one of them!!!

10. My Best Friend’s Wedding – I love this movie, which is why it pains me put it on the list but the ending BLOWS (in my opinion). I know, I know, I sometimes hate the happy endings and sometimes hate the imperfect unhappily ever after endings too! There is apparently no pleasing me. But I don’t expect Julia Roberts to get with her best friend to make the ending happy, but why can’t see just meet someone who she has potential to fall in love with versus just her talking with her gay friend George. JUST SAYING!