My Life is a Giant Eff’d Up Circle

17 10 2012

It really is. Everything I have been through and thought I got over somehow sneaks up on me again and then boom, circle. Even if you just looked at my blogging you could see the pattern, but apparently it is one giant circle that encompasses my life in its entirety. How Rude! Everyone must feel this way right? This weird pull in a direction you have already been in, hoping that the outcome and experience will be so drastically different it will rationalize the bizarre indy 500 you are competing in? I also find it almost incomprehensible that I just realized this. I am not brightest crayon in the box typically, but I am amazed sometimes how little I know about myself. Like how easily I become side tracked….anyways. Back on track! Eff’d up circle = my life. Here is a bit more clarity so you can understand what I am talking about. I have an obsessive personality which ebbs and flows. I become really obsessed to the point of terrifying myself before baking it off entirely, and then move on to something new. This continues obsession hoping for a couple more times until I go back to an obsession I have previously thought I kicked the habit of. And round and round I go. This isn’t just for watching a show, reading a series or genre, music, general hobbies, and time fillers. I almost do it with people too. I horde time with certain friends and then not see them, sometimes not talk to them for a while until I realize that I have not spent time again and then I spend even more time with them to make up for missed time.

You can just list this entry as reason 19,802 I am irrational and a little crazy.