Zomlypse Survival Guide Part VII – Knowledge Son and Media Suggestions

22 10 2012

One of my key points in an early entry (Part III Number 5) I mention how important research was to survival. I still feel I didn’t stress it enough as well as not really give a guide to what tools might be the best to utilize for research. So I made a list (yes another, I like lists okay – back off) of my favorite Zomlypse materials to better prepare you.

1. Walking Dead: I have not personally read the graphic novel, so my exposure to this amazing franchise is only the t.v. show, which I love. I feel like this is a pretty realistic portrayal of what the Zomlypse would be like, and unlike most other t.v. shows and movies, you get more information on general day-to-day survival and see different characters points of view to get a fuller picture. Like  a slow view of power struggles, people’s dealing with dying/being infected, travel, and scavenging. I need to find a nifty red neck baller like Daryl to add to my survival group (applications can be sent directly to me for consideration) with some mad crossbow skills. I agree with Rick’s approach to traitors and people trying to stir the pot – kill em. Great philosophy and I would be on board for the Ricktatorship!

GO TEAM DARYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Key Points:

  • An evolving cast not just in members but dimensions of original characters. It shows possible growths or liabilities you might not have considered.
  • Alternate Hide-Outs, scavenging locations and objects, as well as weapons.
  • Pattern of Zombie behavior – traveling in herds as well as attracted to loud noises.
  • Possible camouflage in blood to mask scent of living flesh
  • Zombie creation possibility as disease as well as being bitten
  • Confirm brain must be damaged to bring them down
  • Not tip toeing around children zombies and eliminating them


  • Annoying woman characters. I at one point or another – typically every episode I just want to slaughter ever female character. Only exceptions were usually Andrea and Maggie.
  • Glen being under utilized
  • Lori being pregnant
  • They had Sam Witwer on as a zombie. A ZOMBIE!! Seriously, I guess he loves playing dead things (he is the Vamp on Syfy’s Being Human) and for only the pilot – waste of talent.

<—-look at all that talent and attractiveness going to waste. For Shame AMC! For Shame!!!!

2. Zombieland – This movie made the list for several reasons. It is a more comedic than I typically prefer for horror, but it has a good sense of humor and the characters are relatable. The story line isn’t the strongest, but the advice I feel is sound for survival and that is the most important part as well as different from sources.

Other Key Points:

  • Columbus makes lists, and as everyone is painfully aware, I love them!
  • Shows a non-violent alternative for two girls to get the needed materials.
  • Stresses the importance of a goal for hope for survival.
  • Bill Murray!!!!
  • Proof being a fake zombie as a joke is a deadly mistake
  • Cool Code Names
  • There is no safe place untouched by the horrors of zombies
  • Awarding “Zombie Kill of the Week”


  • Vegan twinkie, like there is such a thing
  • Taylor Lauter was going be Columbus, I would have rather liked a hot werewolf as Columbus……
  • Bill Murray’s Death
  • Zombie creation: mad-cow disease? somehow I don’t buy that

3. Shaun of the Dead: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are just a hilarious pairing. They show a normal person’s response and abilities and dealing with the zomlypse. They throw what they can to deter a zombie, as well as go into obvious unapproved hide out locations!!! All is not lost though, because it does show the importance of killing the infected because they will literally come back and bite you if you don’t. (get it, zombie humor. I crack myself up sometimes)

Other Key Points:

  • Proof (if it was even needed) a basement or cellar are not good hiding places from zombies. Flimsy wood door is getting broken down – always.
  • Uses for Zombies after the initial break out  ie pets, labor, and entertainment.
  • Use of “Queen” for the soundtrack
  • Cell Phones should be on vibrate when acting like a zombie
  • Simon Pegg can almost open a can of Diet Coke with his teeth
  • Records make horrible weapons to disable zombies


  • Mother hiding she was bit.
  • Not explaining how Diane lived
  • Not explaining reason/cause for outbreak
  • More like survival on the go, not really any planning at all

4. 28 Days Later: This shows a whole new side of zombies, the crazy “Omg! I’m going to die” zombie. It gives more specifics than a general movie or even t.v. show like Walking Dead. Technically not zombies, but it is a similar enough to warrant zombie status. Created by a virus “Rage” and spread from infected chimps. The main character Jim, wakes up from a coma (similar to Walking Dead’s Rick) and not having a clue what is happening and nearly dies from his first interaction before being saved by his new group.

Other Key Points:

  • Cillian Murphy plays Jim also Scarecrow from the Batman reboot.
  • One drop of blood can infect a person
  • Listening to the radio regarding army safe place really gets you nowhere
  • Women do not want to be used as sex slaves while you try to starve off the zombie infection
  • Glasses are sexy because blood would hopefully drip on them first verses directly in your eye


  • Not a true zombie
  • Getting a shot body to the abandoned hospital and having enough expertise to save a nearly dead man seeems highly unlikely
  • Ending is just chilling waiting for someone to save them

5. Dawn of the Dead: It spawned all of this. It is the reason that zombies have infiltrated my life. You need to start at the beginning sometimes to understand the whole evolution of the concept. Yes, so much of what we initially thought and believed has drastically changed (ie remake took place in a mall – an effing MALL) but the zombie will still be reason for humanity falling and the world ending as we know it.


making sense from chaos

9 06 2010

I have an irrational need to make sense of the senseless. My favorite way to feed this addiction is dreams. Yes, I know that most dreams are just the product of your brain processing information while you are asleep, but I feel like everything needs a reason. Take for instance my “break through” dream I had last night.

So apparently the three classes before mine, as well as two years behind me had a mix up and we all had to repeat one semester of high school. Though we wouldnt be repeating at like present time, but like two years in the future. So I head to my old highschool and get my schedule and stuff. I go to my first class, which is composed of mostly end of alphabet (If you went to Hays, just think of your TAKS group). Except they weren’t just my classmates with the letter “P” last name, it was full of  almost every boy I had ever liked, random co-workers, with a few trickled members of my spanish 4 class. So class starts, and Angela (apparently my boss is now my Spanish 5 teacher) doesn’t speak spanish. So then the whole class breaks out in what I think is fluent french (I personally am not fluent in French,I only took French 1, so im just taking a guess)

 Which if you are still following me, that is not even the weird part. So home room ends, and now I am heading towards the bridge that connects A building to B building (which was not built when I went to school, but it was completed last time I visited) but you didn’t walk across the bridge, it was like a holodeck. So I get to the beginning of the bridge, and can see across, but then I get transported to the tech building. The only class I even had in the tech building was animal science, floral design, BCIS, and tech systems, but I wasnt in any of those classrooms. It didn’t even look like our tech building, though it was full of awesome computers and techy stuff, so I am guessing it is. So I am sitting there all alone, and then the door opens. and not to leave you on a cliff hanger or anything, but that was it.

So I wake up, stare at my ceiling trying to make sense of the dream. I then started to get ready, and left the dream on the back burner while I went through my day. Then someone had a question, and needed help at work. I open the account in question, and right when I see the name I realize a flaw in my dream. The guy that I liked most of my highschool career hadn’t been there at all. I did basically a highschool reunion in my head, and he wasn’t invited. I then began to pat myself on the back, on my awesomeness and then used the dream as evidence that I was in fact completely over him. So, even though the dream didn’t actually make sense, the lack of someone in the dream made me feel better. So one point me, dream 0!!