Disney Princess Deathmatch Round 1 Part 1

24 10 2012

I have decided to put Disney Princesses toe-to-toe in a death match and see who will come out victorious. Now I will be using the Disney Princess Line for contestants, therefore even though Mulan is a soldier’s daughter and marries a son of a general and Pocahontas is a daughter of a chief and marries John Smith, they will be included in the battles.  There are a total of 10 Princesses in the line to date, and I have sorted them in pairs tournament style!

First up is “THE SLEEPERS”

First up Snow “Fairest of Them All” White. After being forced to be a maid by her evil Step-Mother, Snow became stronger and used her adorability to survive drastic and near death experiences. (I mean she was almost assassinated by the huntsmen, do you think it was because she was better looking than the Queen?) Before being out smarted and falling for that whole poisoned apple bit; Snow trained with the 7 deadly sins, a rouge group of Dwarves who sharpened her skills and made her one of the world’s leading killing machines.

Age: 14

Powers: Speaking with animals and soothing Grumpy’s attitude

Occupation: Maid and Princess

Created by: Brother’s Grimm

First Movie Appearance: 1937

Weapon of Choice:  Broom and her Dwarves

Weakness: Apple’s

Favorite Fashion accessory: Red Cape

And her opponent, Aurora AKA “Sleeping Beauty.” Forced into hiding due to a curse from a very pissed off party crasher, Aurora went under her alias Briar Rose. For 16 years Aurora was honed her skills of singing and love (no joke when I looked up Aurora they listed love as a weapon, she is a woman after all) into an art. Though she was sheltered from her true identity Aurora came to grips with the reality with poise and grace you would expect from a Princess and took on the challenge head on.

Age: 16

Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Created by: Brothers Grimm

Weapon: Love

Powers: Speaking with animals and sewing up a mean scarf

Weakness: Spindle

Occupation: Princess

First movie appearance: 1959

*Ding Ding* So the battle is on, so my reasoning for both are fairly strong if only for the fact they are pretty evenly matched. Both have the ability to sing and communicate with animals, fall victim to a death curse that gets softened to only a sleeping one by a small event, and get saved by True Love’s kiss. Though admittedly Aurora is the tallest as well as the oldest, her being sheltered from the truth is a liability. With the Dwarves and survival of the huntsmen, and Aurora not being able to last in her own cottage, the victory goes to Snow.

Next time I will be pinning Cinderella and Ariel in a battle royale.