Zomlypse Survival Guide Part VIII – Dealing with Disappointment

23 12 2012

So it is December 23, 2012. Never thought I would see this day, or at least not without having to fight off hoards of zombies. I know most people are relived with the fact we are alive without zombies but some have just a twinge of disappointment for the zomlypse not happening….yet.

For those disappointed few, I have a silver lining. Just because the Zomlypse has not occurred when the Mayan’s falsely predicted the end of the world doesn’t mean it isn’t the end of the world. It just means we have to sharpen our skills and be ready at a moments notice because it could happen faster than I can type this sentence. For those in denial or thinking that we should just give up on the hopes of a Zombie filled world I have a few things I would like to say to you.

5. If the world is going to end – might as well as be Zombies: Seriously. Is aliens any better? Or even some weird virus like small pox? At least with Zombies we have a fighting chance to survive and build a better world. Plus we know what Zombie’s strength and weakness are once we determine what they are using as a reference for their behavior.


4. Zombie skills are transferable: Unlike community college credits you can use your skills to fight many different horrors. You can use your mad gun and close weapon combat skills to beat Abominable Snowmen, Dinosaurs, Mermen, Faries, Vampires (with replaced wooden bullets) , Werewolves (with silver bullets), and everything in between.

jason-stackhouse-pic_652x978 At least in the book he is part Fae and sexy 🙂

3.  Training Trips= Bonding with Friends: Rent a creepy van, buy dark bags, duct tape, and plenty of ear plugs. Then roll up at 4am break into your friend’s house and drag them into said creepy van. You can take them on a camping trip, Road Trip, or even Vegas. Spending time with your survival mates to get to know them better and learn if you need to kick someone out before your life depends on it.


2.  Conversation topics with cool kids like me: Gossiping about non-Zomlypse survival topics at the water cooler is like saying Orange in the new Pink. Whoever said that just be seriously disturbed. You want to meet new, interesting, and possibly insane people? Then create your own Zombie fan club and get to surviving.


1. The Zombie Related Media: Movies, Television, Comic Books, Action Figures, and Books. They all have Zombies in them and who better to enjoy them than awesome people who loves Zombies. Either by yourself in a movie theater, in the comfort of your own home during a horror movie marathon, or sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a great book.





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