Zomlypse survival – Part III

4 09 2012

Now that it is nearing the end of the world, December 21,2012, you should have followed my previously posted advice and created a survival group as well as a general plan to surivive….wait? You didn’t listen to me? You ignore my perfect advice…of course I will let you know the group. AS BAIT! Sheesh….seriously people this is not a joking matter. If you want to survive and thrive you need to start training and planning now. And this time while I speak, please listen!

Now planning to survive is one thing. But there are some tools you will need to acquire before the zomlypse starts. Unless you are already a bad a (aka me) you can’t skimp on the saying practice makes perfect. I am not saying pretend humanity is already broken and kill people off, but target practice isn’t completely out of the realm of a possibility. Which brings me to my first point….

1. Select a weapon: I am not saying marry the darn thing, but you should think of a weapon that you are comfortable wielding and have access to. Any weapon you name must exist in this reality (Halo, WOW etc….) are not appropriate reasoning for weapons. If you don’t have access to the weapon now, and unless you have good reasoning you would definitely in the zomplypse, pick something else. It can be a bat, tennis rack, garden sheers, or even a bottle of liquor.

2. Practice….smartly: Dont get arrested before the zomlypse. Hard enough to break out of prison with order, some how in my head w/ chaos it seems more dangerous. Dont build a rocket launcher and practice in your neighborhood, that is just stupid ( Buy Halo and just hope the skills transfer 😀 ) But if you select a crossbow, gun, bat..etc go to the gun range, target practice, or batting cages.

3. Safety Drill it up: Okay, I havent really done this one yet, but do as I say not as I do. You should get together with your proposed group (less bait) and practice simple manuevers. Like climbing a fire escape and jumping roofs (safety first!!)

4. Learn Morse Code: Because that would be epically cool

5. Research: Like previously advised, you do not know what the Zombies will be using to reference their behavior on. New material and concepts of Zombies are being created daily. Make sure you are the cutting edge of all thing Zombies and stock a supply bag with appropriate materials for each situation.

6. Learn how to sew: I’m not saying pattern making or anything, but buttons are important.

7. General First Aid: With the possibility of Zombies being just being animated dead bodies and not a disease or virus, you should avoid deaths that could easily be avoided like infection. I would rather go out getting eaten by Zombies…..

8. Green Thumb: Who knows how long this thing will go one, if you don’t have a green thumb locate someone who does and add them to the group. You might want to eat non-twinkies one day

9. Go Old School: With the Zomlypse some luxuries we hold so close today might not be available (like google) learn to adapt and learn thing not with just the push of a button

10. Relax: It’s not like it is the end of the world….yet 🙂




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