27 03 2011

I am not really the crying type, if that even exists. I prefer the hard, cold, shell of a robot with a tiny tiny warm center. Kind of like the grinch, minus the heart growing three times. When I do cry, I always feel like they are angry tears. That I am upset with a situation, myself, or some other uncontrolable force. Animals usually get me, you know dogs with their big puppy eyes. Those ASPCA commercials are a real killer.

I know you are probably wondering why I am even writing this. Who would want to know or even care. But there are few things I wish would change, yet grantful I have. Being sometimes cold and detached work so many more times in my advantage then if I had all these emotions getting in the way, and yet sometimes I wish I was a little more “fuzzy” inside.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a heart. I love and feel like any somewhat normal human being. But I usually lack sympathy and have a kind of jaded outlook on life. Which is also strange, as I usually am an upbeat person. Condricting I know, try living in my head.




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