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24 03 2011

Now I have a weird, lets not use fighting words like obsessed, thing for usually the bad guys in movies. Not the, “Oh, no he’s all alone in the cool, the world is all against him kind of way,” but usually the downright evil kind. You know the kind. Cocky, cold but in the most alluring way, completely evil yet misunderstood, with a dash of dashing.  Basically a walking contradiction. I don’t know what exactly appeals to me, maybe it is the complete disregard for rules and you know the whole adorable thing.

I remember like it was yesterday, book propped up in my room, yellow and stars surrounding me as I addictively read page after page. I knew I was basically in love. I mean, he was like my first breath of fresh air. I saw the light with Draco Malfoy. I mean, he has everything a girl on the brink of liking a serial killer could ever want. Way too much self-confidence, slicked back grease sleaze ball hair, a sneer that is a work of art, plus serious Daddy issues.  Nothing says “I love you.” like some deranged look on the brink either hatred or just a completely skewed idea of love. Bad boys come and go, but the evil ones are forever. That was the message I learned from HP and I have been trying to stay true to loving the bad guys every chance! Below is my top villans. Enjoy!

1. Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy (duh)
2. James Frain as Franklin Mott (so sad he died…..)
3. Zachary Quinto as Sylar
4. Michael Emerson as Ben
5. Michael c hall as dexter. Now he is a serial killer but the good kind so that’s why he made number 5 and not number 3




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