short and sweet update

24 10 2010

so the reason for the long break between updates has nothing to do with a lack of something to say but everything to do with me wanting to edit what I’m writing. I know I can be funny but 3 pages of me complaining about what happen at work or home isn’t something that will make me feel better and it’s not something you would want to read. so let me talk about some of the positives that has been happening with me. I love my new phone I’m actually voice writing this entire post it is actually really cool. I just had a great weekend that involved going down to san marcos to spend time with the best people ever. I had a pretty relaxing saturday, talk to friends, went out to dinner, and got to catch up on some reading. sunday was the m s walk of austin 2010, with gail, watching tv, and updating my blog. I’m looking forward to this week if only because it leads to next weekend. halloween means one thing to me, movie marathon. I am so excited for this year since it’s going to be at my house. seriously a know try and see my friends from high school as much as possible it always feels like i never see them enough. but next week will make it 2 weeks in a row. I know this is short and sweet but I am going to get back to my life and playing with my new phone so have a nice weekend hope you enjoyed my little update.




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