15 things you might not have known

13 09 2010

It is hard for me to actually remember to update my blog, because for one I am not used to it and for another I just can’t decide what people will want to read from me anyways. Well awhile ago I started this like personal project with myself that involves a lot of page doodling that I know everyone would be impressed with (i have MAD drawing skills) One of the things in my notebook is a list of random things I notice about myself that I am not exactly sure show my normalcy, but I will share them with you. So here are 15  things you might not have known about me until now. Let the stalking commence.

1. When I am writing, pen/marker to paper and I use exclamation marks I always use 2 (minus most professional communication) because I always use the dots as the eyes to my smiley face 🙂

2. I have a list of preferred writing utensils. First on the list being thin pink markers, followed by an alternate shade of thing marker, then to the classic markers, colored ink pens, then to black inked pens, blue inked pens, and then pencil (preferably mechanical)

3. I am an obsessive counter. Especially when I am nervous or trying to sleep. I will count anything and everything, the most often used thing being the texture divots on the room’s ceiling while trying to sleep.

4. I really can’t draw. Like this isn’t a joke, I was not blessed at all with any artistic talent. My self portraits are stick figures (usually drawn in pink marker) with a crown.

5. Not only am I an obsessive counter, but I have a particular obsession with the number 21. 21 letters in my name, born on the 21st… the list is long trust me. But i will take a random series of numbers (telephone number, drives license number, etc…) and try to come up with a mathematic equation to equal 21.

6. I am not a gooey person. Meaning that I don’t like chick flicks usually, I don’t read romance books, and I don’t particularly care for the prefect happy ending. I do however will get into a mood, where everything has to have that Happily Ever After, and will read cheesy fanfics.

7. My favorite color is Sunflower Yellow, but my favorite flower is a star-gazer lily.

8. I like things to have multiple meanings. My screen name used to include Star_Gazer in honor of my favorite flower and the fact I really love constellations.

9. I love greek mythology, Roman mythology is a total cop-out, and my favorite story is of Cassiopeia. I named my Dog after her (Cassi) and even got the constellation (it is an upside down throne but it looks like a crown) tattooed.

10. I always wanted to write a book, but I quickly learned that I have neither the attention span nor the grammar skills.

11. “You Are My Sunshine” makes me want to cry every time. Even right now just thinking about it. It is something very close to my heart.

12. I have a teddy bear named Bell. She isn’t very fluffy because my sister cut her hair twice (told me it grew back) but she by far one of the most precious things I own.

13. I have never have a drink of alcohol or smoked a cigarette in my life.

14. I am an atrocious speller, but spell check was invented for people like me. (I actually spelt atrocious right, but forgot one of the “n”‘s in invented)

15. My favorite board game is Monopoly. I am cut-throat and no one ever wants to play with me willingly more than once.

There you have it, 15 things you might not have known about me. Its okay if you think I am a little weird, because only the coolest people are weird.




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