Zomlypse survival group Part II

30 08 2010

Group dynamic is very important. Here are members of my zombie survival group and their awesome mad skills.

Megan: Emerges as the main leader of the group at first, and as long as she survives the zomlypse in its entirety will most likely remain the leader. Sarcastic, witty and bad-ass at heart is qualities that you will need to survive this trifle time. Megan, will organize, plan and send her troops into action. She will have planned several members of her group as the bait, as well as their roles in her survival. She demands from everyone to answer questions and requests with a “Yes, Mam!” and will make crack cookies for the troops.

Theme Song: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor while she does the Cabbage Patch.

Catch Phrase: “This is my house you mothers f-er’s”

Signature Kill: Round house kick to the face followed up by a “Team Jacob Bitch”

Briana- She is the second in command, and Megans confidante. She might be silent, if you are lucky, but she is definitely a force to be wrecken with. She spends all her time in between manning the machine gun turret and driving the RV with practicing her throwing knives. Her passions include playing I-Spy and watching repeats of anime episodes on her lap top.  Briana uses her vast knowledge of cars to maintain our death-mobile.

Theme Song: “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC while voguing

Catch Phrase: :”Let’s kill these Bitches”

Signature Kill: Scalping zombies with bullets using her turret

Ben: Is the slacker of the group, but he is deep like still waters. Buy him a box of chocolate teddy graham’s and he is your man. He spends most of his time before the zomplyse playing video-games which heightened his hand/eye coordination. Ben might be modest with his abilities but secretly he is a mad martial artist, and is a triple black belt like his hair. He carries machete and a hatchet on him at all times, and sleeps with his eyes open from years of practice.

Theme song is “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas and likes do the Carlton when he is not slaughtering zombies.

Catch Phrase: “Das Foot”

Signature Kill: Hitting zombies with hacked off body parts of alternate zombies

Phillip:He is the loud mouth of the group. He will tell your gangstas what is up in the hood. He probably has a creepy stash of guns/ammo/knifes and his weapon of choice is ninja stars. Megan likes to threaten him with being the bait, but deep down he can be a balla. He will tell you how it is, and has no issues with kicking anyones ass and asking questions later. Phillip keeps a running commentary on everything and states the obvious always.

Theme song: “Bad” by Michael Jackson, while he unleashes his moon walk everywhere he goes.

Catch Phrase: “Praise ‘Em”

Signature Kill: Using his ninja stars to slit zombies throats

Courtney: aka the Nazi. She is swirl of ghetto fabulous and ghetto beat down. Between yelling at someone to hold her earrings and making sure her battle-ax holster is attached securely Courtney likes to pass notes with fellow survival group member Jennifer. Courtney’s group responsibilities including being the mediator, and trying to make the group not kill each other or preventing others throwing out one another as bait, and entertaining the group with her stories.

Theme Song: “Get Back” by Ludacris while trying to engage zombies in a krump battle.

Catch Phrase: “Dont get crazy on me!”

Signature Kill: Throwing her battle-ax and then giving a final blow with her concealed shank

Nell: If I were to describe the next person in one word it would be Pyro. I am not saying Nell is a little obsessed with fire, that would be an understatement. Nell’s unique set of skills gave her quickly the nick name of Dragon during the Zomlypse which is born from her strong heart and love of the flamed. Nell is most noted for her success in near suicidal missions.

Theme Song: “Burning Down the House” by the Used as she shows off her mad DDR skillz

Catch Phrase: “Bring on the Flame”

Signature Kill: Fire breathing with her flame thrower

Lauren: Is the brains of the group. She can fix as well as she can destroy. Too many years obsessively playing Operation made her at least know where the basic body parts go and more Organic Chemistry than any one person can handle made her a bamf when it comes to creating weapons. Lauren might short-circuit sometimes always stressing herself out, but once you let her reboot in front of a Disney movie (totally a group activity) or just let her hack some zombies to pieces, she is as good as new.

Theme Song: “The Scientist” by Coldplay

Catch Phrase: “Don’t make me go Bill Nye on your butt!”

Signature Kill: Flying squirrel

Jennifer: Has only one rule during Zomlypse, well she doesn’t have the rule, everyone else kind of has the rule for her, NO driving the RV. (I swear get in a near death accident ONE time with your best friend 11 hours from home during vacation and you never live it down, even during the end of the world.) Her lucky 9mm is always holstered to her right leg and is named Cassi. Her main jobs during the Zomlypse is to cook for the fellow members of the survival group and talk. Now this might not seem like a huge task, but talking is a really hard job!!!

Theme Song: “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp with killer disco dance moves

Catch Phrase: “I don’t need a catch…oooh Sunflowers! ….was I saying something??”

Signature Kill: Trying to Blue Steel zombies to death before pistol whipping them with Cassi and giving them a head shot.

This blog entry was created with the help of Courtney and the inspiration of my fantastical friends.




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