The Zombie Apocalypse Part I

5 08 2010

Now I am sure you are all aware that the Zombie Apocalypse (or Zom-lypse for short) is upon us. These next couple years will determine your role in this and effect your survival greatly.  As it is a toss-up how these zombies will be created or which movie they will be referencing for behavior, you will need a plan that is flexible and accounts for all variables.  I have several suggestions, and consider myself one of the leading experts in this, as I have seen countless zombie movies through the cracks in my fingers. Here are just a few key areas that should be address prior to the apocalypse.

Group-Please make sure you are a diverse and level intelligence group. You should have at least a core survival group depending on what your local would be at the time. For instance you should have a work/home/and other frequent stops covered. All members of the group should have the understanding that once they become infected they are no longer part of the group. This soft spot for humanity always leads in unplanned deaths of usually a highly needed person for the next scene. Also, all should be comfortable with firearms and death. You don’t want to realize who you planned for your look-out is squeamish and turns around to throw up right when a zombie is approaching your safe site. Which brings me to my next point.

Safe site: This should be a predetermined location that is well stocked and yet not an obvious decision (so your safe site doesn’t get taken by another group) It should be not be any of the following

Mall: yeah that might seem like a good idea, but there are too many entrances to cover and a good possibility people will be in it when the apocalypse starts.

Best friends house: Unless your best friend lives in a semi-isolated large house with a safe room, don’t go there. Even if it is, make it your back up or at least have a safe escape route. It might start in the city, but the zombies will be coming home, or rural areas don’t really have an advantage.

Basement: Seriously? who thinks this is a great idea? Lets lock ourselves under ground? You have no way out. So once that flimsy door is finally broken through, you are done for.

Family member’s home in another city: Almost worse than the basement. You don’t know where you are all going to be, and you don’t want to make everyone travel alone especially long distances try to keep to a rule of 30 miles.

Library: Just no….

Small cabin in the middle of nowhere: If the zombies don’t get you the ghost, the creepy ax-murder next door, or the giant alligators in the lake will.

The woods in general: Unless of course you just want to die

The hospital: This is only a feasible option later in the zom-lypse. Most hospitals are filled with, you know patients, which if the zombies were created by  a virus, are probably where some were taken before they knew what was going on. Bad bad idea.

Action Plan: Dont get your group planned with location, without having an actual plan of attack/survival and supplies. I know most of us aren’t Sheldon and have like 5 emergency packs, but you should have one. Stocked with the essentials like food, water, bottle opener, ammo, gun, make-up (you never know who you will meet out there lol), couple changes of clothes, broken into but not extremely used sneakers, flip-flops, Eclipse band-aids (preferably Jacob,  Jasper, and Emmit only) hat, sun screen, chap stick, and sunglasses. You may require more but that would let you survive or at least a while. Your plan of attack should not involve listening to the radio until they say there is a military safe zone and heading to it. Bad idea, I mean come one, that’s basically like a challenge to the zombies and they will win.




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