What you got boy is hard to find…

15 06 2010
Well the actual individual qualities are not hard to find, it’s the guy who actually has them all. So here is brief look into my head with my top 12 qualities (from my long list of qualities) that make guys perfectly adorakable. And while you read listen to one of my favroite artists, George Michael, singing my favorite song (Somebody to love!)
  • Non-WOWer: This might not seem like a huge deal for most people, but it is definite deal breaker for me. It is nothing personal for the people who play WOW, it’s just most of the guys I know that play the game, are WAY too into it. Definite turn off.


  • Glasses: Glasses not only give the illusion that you read, but actually do, it is just so cute.


  • Arguer: I know this seems like a weird quality to like in a guy, but I love to fight. Ask anyone, fighting (not like real fighting, but the back and forth of a good fight) is just something that makes me notice you, and add you to that maybe list. This requires thick skin and a great sense of humor.


  • Embarrassing amount of music: A massive CD/Itunes collection means that know what they like and cannot drive without listening to their own burned cd or Ipod playlist.


  • Between 5’11-6’1 I really only prefer guys 3 to 5 inches taller than me. Not too tall, yet not too short. The perfect height for me to wear heels and not feel like I am towering over you like some giant.


  • Great sense of humor: I just like a guy who can laugh, at himself especially. I do too many stupid stuff to not laugh at myself, so I don’t  like people that can’t see the humor in falling or saying something stupid.


  •  competitive: I really like to win, like really really. I know there isn’t like something that like loves to lose, or to come in second (which is losing in nicer words) but there are some people who don’t care as much. Yeah those people aren’t for me. I don’t want to beat you because you don’t care, I want to crush you so bad all the while knowing you fought just as hard.


  •  Decisive: I am so completely indecisive at time, I don’t know how anything gets done. I need someone who is not as easy-going, who knows what they want.


  • Movie-goer: I love going to the movies, seriously. My brother and I created a calendar dedicated to the movies we want to see this summer, with their release dates. Its weird, but we really like going to see movies. I want someone who will wait in line with me for an hour just to see Karate Kid.


  •  Abnormal: Nothing wrong with a little Abby Normal. I am not normal, I am pretty sure I will never be, so I am not really into the normal kind of guys. I don’t want you to be from the perfect family, with the perfect life, with the OMG perfect everything. I think dysfunction makes you unique and a little crazy, and who doesn’t need a little crazy in their life?


  •   T.V. Lover: Now along the same lines as the movie-goer, I am a huge T.V. fan. I want someone who will watch it with me, and talk with me about it, and make predictions about it. I basically want a T.V. guide lol.


  •  Now my last one is kind of crazy, but plays to my awesomeness. I would like 9 letters to be in their name. You see I currently have 21 letters in my full name, 21 is my lucky number. I mean I was born on the 21, I can make my full b-day into 21, my drivers license number, my cell phone number, I really like the number 21. Now the only exception to this rule is Johnny Depp. Now since I have 4 letters in middle name, I would just lose that and move Patterson to my middle name and move Deep to my last. I know it is kind of hard to swallow, but it is me!!



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