12 06 2010

Here are my favorite (up to five) singers/bands according to the letter of their name. (singers  by first name, bands first letter unless it starts with The or A, the the first letter of the second word)


The All-American Rejects First high school concert!!

Adam Lambert

Andrew Bird- quicky and unsusal.

Ashlee Simpson


Baby Bash- OMG!! I love baby bash. did you know I have shook his hand?  he called me little mama. I was in love!!!!!

Britney Spears

Backstreet Boys (old not new)- First concert I ever went to

Blake Lewis



Christina Aguilera- She changes looks/styles like crazy, but I follow her always

Charlotte Martin

Cute is what we aim for- they really do have the gift of one liners


Dan Wilson-slow sweet songs.

David Bowie- Duh!!!



Elvis Presley- he is still the king

Evanscence-who doesnt love Evanscence?


Fergie- I dont have a good reason for her…


Frankie J- I totally love him


GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!-only one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

The Goo Goo Dolls

Glee Cast (lol)- I dont know if they count, but they are basically all of my letter G on itunes

Green Day


Heart- Seriously love them

Hellogoodbye-Nell and I saw them when they opened for AAR our freshman year. one of my best memories!

Holly Brook


Imogen Heap

Ingrid Michaelson


Jason Mraz- Everytime he comes to Austin me and Gail are there lol!

James Morrison

Joss Stone

John Legend

John Mayer


Kanye West

Kate Nash- I love her

Ke$ha- seriously embodies my inner diva

Kelly Clarkson- She is fan-freaking-tastic

Koop- Koop Island Blue is one of my favorite songs of all time

(Kristen Chenoweth)- I dont think she counts, so I am putting her as honorable mention, she is forever in my heart


Lupe Fiasco- Is my love

Lady GaGa- Who doesnt?

Linkin Park

Lykke Li



Maroon 5

Matt White

Meredith Brooks- First CD I ever owned was Blurring the Edge. still one of my favorites

MIKA- Is fab

My Chemical Romance


Never Shot Never

Nelly Furtado

Natasha Bedingfield

Norah Jones


One Block Radius


Owl City


Pat Benatar- Is a heartbreaker, dream make, love taker….




QUEEN!!- This is my favorite band of all time.


Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Rescues

Relient K


Savage Garden-I remember driving around blaring Savage Garden when I was a kid.

Sara Bareilles

Simple Plan

She & Him- Yes I am one of those people

Spice Girls- Still a fan






The Used

Usher- Duh


Van Morrison- I am my mother’s daughter

The Veronicas

Vertical Horizon


White Stripes

Within Temptation






The Zombies




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