Hate on me haters

10 06 2010

Why is my age such a hot button topic at work? Is being half your age and twice as good that upsetting that you have to result to smack talking me? I mean are you that desperate that someone look at you, even if it is just to realize what a petty and ignorant human being you actually are. If that is all you got, for all means do what you do. You are not the only person who has ever not liked me, talked smack about me, and you will not be the last.  Thank god, you liking me was one of my life goals, because that would mean I was a failure and not the winner I strive to be. I am not trying to be like by everyone, love me or hate me, you are going to feel about me, and not someone so fake to get people to like her. As long as what you feel doesnt affect your job, feel it honey, because it wont affect mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, im not trying to take that away from you, but please if you are going to talk smack, get the facts straight. I am not 19! thats just more ignorance. I am used to adversity, I am too young, too naive, I dont have the experience, I dont have anything and too much of everything else. I get it. But if the driving force of your arguement is my age, get the number right. And rude, I might be a vindictive somtimes and down right a B for others, but I am hardly rude. I may vent in a crazy manner at all hours of the night, and tell this story 5 times to try and figure out what exactly I did that made you this way. But in the end, I always come to the same conclusion. I was right, you were an idiot, and move on. So, spec of dirt that was once on my radar, so long, fair well, auf weidersehen good night.




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10 06 2010

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