I Miss you

14 05 2010

The 11 shows that got cancelled wrongly.


Heroes: OMG!! OF course the day that I decide to do an entry regarding awesome TV and being cancelled one of my favorite shows does. I believe that this is horrible luck. I mean, its HEROES. How could you do this to me NBC? If you didnt have Chuck, 30 Rock, and Community I might consider boycotting you. Darn You NBC!!!! DARN YOU!!!!!! Well If you cant tell, I just entered the first few stages of grieving for this show, and this will continue for some time. So please let me be in peace to grieve (wow stage three already, too bad i will never accept this!!) NBC sucks.

Life: This show was about a cop that got framed for murder and was given a life sentence to only be released due to new evidence years later.  Not only was it witty and full of charm, it was just plain hilarious. Too bad this show was given a death sentence way too soon.

Pushing Daisies: Speaking of death, this show was all about reviving the dead (if only for under 60 seconds) and solving the weird and weirdest crimes. Kristen Chenoweth was amazing and brough much-needed itty bitty into the world. The pie maker was a cool and complicated character.To add even more magic to this show, the narrator was from Harry Potter!!!

Reaper: You meet anyone and just know they are evil? Well Sam was the son of the Devil, and got roped into being the Grim Reaper. Michael Ian Black played a loveable gay demon, which was fabulous. Minus the weird turn Sox and his step sister took, it was a good show (even if it was on the CW)

Better Off Ted: This show is by far one of the weirdest I have ever seen, yet it’s HILARIOUS. Seriously. From the weird ad’s promoting the company before individuals to having the company set up its single employees, it was just down right awesome. I miss you so much Ted!!!!!!!! (And Veronica, Lem, Linda..yeah basically the whole cast! Veronica btw is BAMF, for reals)

Ugly Betty: The only part of the show that was worst then hearing it, was that STUPID series finale! I mean, COME ON! It was cruel and wrong. I still love Daniel though.

Dirty, Sexy Money: It was about murder, sex, drugs and the most f-ed up family since mine. It was so addicting. At least the lawyer got a break and now is on Parenthood, and I just saw the actor that plays Jeremy in Fringe (He got burned to a crisp, but still)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I love Matthew Perry, this is really all I have to say concerning this show.

Terminator, Sarah Conner Chronicles: Hello, Thomas Dekker!! I mean first he gets kicked off of Heroes, and then his show gets cancelled. I miss him!!! Where are you?!?

Jericho: Peanuts? Anyone want Peanuts? Season 1 was better than Season 2, but it was still awesome. Apparently its the end of the end of the world as we know it.

Eli Stone: By far one of the shows I am most upset about. I mean, Eli Stone was creative, hilarious, and plain fantastic.




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