Brother Day

6 05 2010

Ich Liebe Dich Mein Bruder!!

I decided to dub today, Brother Day! (If you don’t have a brother, you can do it sibling day, or if you don’t have a sibling, get your own holiday!) Why you might ask, would I decided today would be such a day. Because it is almost my brother’s Birthday and I feel so old! My little brother turns 19 on Saturday. 19!!!! Can you believe it? I love my brother, and constantly brag about him. (You know how normal people brag about their kids, pets and themselves? I brag about my brother, seriously. ) One of the dorkiest and coolest person I know, and does this crazy Gingerbread man from Shrek voice. He watches an insane amount of T.V. and loves to talk about T.V. (hence his awesomeness) He listens to the same kind of music as me, and also die-hard competitor like me. Though we have a lot alike, we are two very different people. Yes my hilarious baby alien voice is killer, but nothing beats an “Oh, NO!” from the Gingerbread man. So call up your brother, or any other sibling you got, and wish them a Happy Brother Day!!! You can catch up and talk about important stuff like the upcoming episode of Bones tonight!




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