War, what is it good for?

4 05 2010

Getting even of course. lol jk..sort of.

This is basically a rant/letter, so if you don’t want to read it, I don’t blame you.

So I know everyone is tired of this drama in our group, but me sitting here idle just pisses me off more. I hate it. Plain and simple. But at the same time, I have to stand up and say what I am feeling. I don’t want to be surrounded by attention hungry drama starters, and I feel like now that they have left the group, the rightful, and grown up step was to move on. But no! i should have known better, I think I still do, but the fact is, after leaving the group, through a post on wordpress, she writes again!!!! I thought we were all grown up, and after deleting her from my phone, which basically is life, I hadn’t really thought about it much. Yes, I have been busy, but I was straight mad for like 2 days, and did not become a better person because of it.

Dear ___________,

There are a few things wrong with your posts, for one I might be passive aggressive, but at least when I am truly mad, everyone and their mother knows it.

Two, if you really wanted to keep me as a friend, you would have talked to me like a normal human being, instead of your selfish and childish way of doing it. (Yes, this might also be childish, but I don’t care)

Three, Of course I am siding with my best friend. Mei is my family, and you should never insult her. Seriously, she was a far better friend to me then you ever were, and she is not going anywhere.

Four, New friends? As far as I could tell, I only lost one “friend” and therefore not anything plural, unlike you.

Five, how was that even an attempt at an apology, not that I would accept it. Posting some random response to a blog I would never have read again, if it wasnt for the dedicated reporter of the group, Bri. I deleted you, why would I want to read your blog?

 Six, I had/have a right to be mad, because you went about everything the wrong way, and all of the back lash is totally deserved.  You knew what you were doing and how it would be looked as, and you still did it, bad timing and everything.

And finally seven, have fun in your new life, and I hope you consider this a good-bye. (you know, unlike what you gave me) I hope you have an awesome life, away from me.


Your Ex Friend.

Itunes stuck on repeat while writing this rant, Case of the Fake People by TLC




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