The kind of Music that soothes the soul

3 05 2010

This entry should be read while wearing socks, blasting music through your headphones, and sliding on your floor  Tom Cruise style, maybe a little air guitar thrown in there to, just for kicks.

I love night-time. When everyone is asleep, and the only noise in the whole house is the slight echo of my music blasting from my ipod’s earbuds. That is when I am at peace. I get more done, and always have more fun doing it. Of course sliding as well as very dramatic gestures while mouthing the words to whatever song my ipod selected. I nevermind staying up later to try to avoid the prospect of getting up earlier, and I always get the best ideas waiting for my brain to shut off for the night. All those chores that were put off for a later time, are completed in no time. All worries, gone for the time being. Stress from the day melts away and replaced by trying to beat myself in Name That Tune. Answers to difficult questions, or the facts that were still on the tip of my tongue are uncaged and released into the night air.

As much as I love pure sense that the absence of sunlight seems to bring, it can also bring forward problems. My brain, with this sudden clarity, works overtime, and cannot be shut off. Most of my senior year was spent staring at the ceiling counting the dots, or trying to work math problems in my head to just try to shut it off. I have tried everything, and unless my brain decides it is tired, it does not turn off. When I had bruised nerves in my chin, and was in constant pain, I wanted to sleep it away, and popped sleeping pills (which I am totally against most drug use and this is like desperation mode) and I was wide awake like I had just taken caffeine pills. Apparently my stubborness runs very deep.




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