Why _______ is my future husband.

2 05 2010

04 L.O.V.E.

This entry might seem shallow, or just plain stupid. But this is basically my top 10 with some of the reasons behind their rank.

#1. Johnny Depp: I would break all my rules for Johnny Depp. He is the reason I created the loop-hole for the number of letters needed for the last name.  The only complaint I have for Johnny is the fact is that he wasnt irresponsible enough to have a kid when he was younger, so that my generation could have another Johnny spawn. There really is not an explanation needed for Johnny Depp as he is Johnny Freaking Deep. Seriously, if you need a further reason for him, you should just stopping reading now and stop further communication with me.

#2 Matt Damon: For anyone living under a rock for I don’t know, the past 20 years, Matt Damon is fantastic. You should start catching up on this civilization by stop reading this blog and go and rent every Matt Damon movie (minus The Informant, not even worth it for Joel McHale…) I think it is darn near impossible to pick a favorite Matt Damon movie so here is just my top five (not in order)

Bourne (Yes, all of them, they are a franchise and should be counted as just one movie)

Ocean’s 11 and 13 (yes I know there was Ocean’s 12, but it is not good enough to make top 5, and 13 wasn’t fantastic, but he wore a nose! and was hilarious in it)

Dogma- Need I explain?

The Departed- This movie made my top 100 movies of all time.

Saving Private Ryan-It was the first movie I saw where I fell in love with Matt Damon, yes it is not his first movie, but its amazing.

#3. David Boreanaz- My favorite T.V. show is Bones, so of course Booth will make my top 10! He’s so adorable.

#4. Tom Felton: Best known for Draco Malfoy. I think that Draco is pure evil that is misunderstood, and I like that in a man. Really this decision is more because of the character, then the actual actor himself, but I don’t think I would like Draco as much if Tom was not the one playing him.

#5. Taylor Lautner: For all you teenage girls (or girls that still act like teenagers) there is no explanation necessary. Just a picture of him taking off his shirt (thank god for New Moon, as we have so many scenes to choose from) and everyone will agree, Taylor you are definitely top 10 material.

#6. Tom Hanks- one word, Big. When I saw this movie, I knew I would be a Tom Hanks fan. He is so cute and hilarious.

#7. Leonardo DiCaprio- I thought all hope was lost for this actor, when I saw Titanic, but almost every movie he did afterwards not only impressed me but made me fall in love. From Man in the Iron mask, to Aviator (still one of my favorite movies) to Departed and Blood Diamond. He definitely makes my top 10!

#8. Mark Walburg- He had me Marky Mark.

#9. Trent Edwards-  Team Edwards all the WAY!!! I love Trent Edwards. I know he hasn’t done that well as the Bills QB, but he had a fantastic start 2 years ago, and if they had I don’t know some semblance of an offensive line, he wouldn’t have gotten a concussion, which only made him play too safe. And last year, pssh, Ryan just screwed everything up. Trent got another concussion (still no O-line) and they replaced him with some stupid QB, who then was replaced, and brough back. Trent will become a franchise QB if given the chance, he may not be Peyton Manning, but he is still good.

#10. Howl Pendragon: Yes I know he is not an actual person/actor. But if he was, well there is no question he makes my top 10. The reason he is not actually listed higher on the list is because he is an animated character and being listed higher than 10 might sound creeper than just being number 10. If you have never seen/read Howl’s moving castle please do so as soon as possible and do not talk to me until you have. This is an amazing movie, and my best friend Mei will agree, that I have a serious unnatural (or natural if you love Howl as much as I do) love for this movie.




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