Why asking me what I did today is a bad idea.

30 04 2010

You know how every parent, after they get home and see their kids for the first time, they usually ask. “So how’d your day go? What did you do?” My mother basically feared to ask me this question for the simple fact that I answered the question. No, I did not answer nothing like every child my age did with a slight eye roll. I gave a full explanation that  always starts with either waking up or leaving for work/school, and the what I call the “highlights” of my day, which involve who said what, projects and subjects reached during the day,and then round out the now discussion with leaving work/school and getting home and to the point where the question was asked. Yes this might seem a little redundant, but I feel like you wont get a true understanding of my day without it. So while my parents were praying for less detail, every other parent was wanting more than the “Nothing” response that they were given.

Now this trait of mine, is not only for people asking about my day, I usually make it a point by subjecting my listener with lots of details. Now this paired with my, how should I say, general around awesomeness, you would think I would make an excellent tutor. Minus some work responsibilities, I am a horrible trainer. Math, which makes just simple sense to me, trying to explain why it works in my head, just makes it harder for people to understand. I tutored my sister once in Geometry and afterwards her test scores were worse. Lets just say I was not asked again.

Itunes song on repeat today: Your love Is My Drug- By the girl who speaks to my inner Diva- Ke$ha.




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