Hello, I love you.

29 04 2010

So, I am finally returning to the blog world. Thank you thank you, I know you all have missed me. So I guess I am supposed to just give you a brief insight to me, here it goes. I love music, yes I know, everyone loves music but my itunes budget will probably make you cringe. I have the 160gb ipod classic, and it is filled to the brim, scary I know. I will randomly either break into my awful singing voice or just quote songs to people in my talking voice. I am sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell yet, and trying to bring my life to a balance. 

I love football, really only NFL, and when football season comes around, my family and I have a cut throat pool. I wouldn’t be able to tell you my favorite team, because I really prefer players, instead of dedicating myself to just one team. If you were to glance at my phone, you would see my customized case that reads “Team Edwards” on the back with a giant Buffalo Bill’s logo.

 I have one tattoo, on my right leg at my calf. Two of my friends and I got three stars, mine are in the shape of my favorite constellation, Cassiopeia with two sparkles to complete the throne. I have monthly horror movie marathon’s with my besties from High School, even though I am a complete pansy and hate horror movies. I can quote Zoolander from start to finish, and it remains one of my favorite movies to this day. My favorite song, is somebody to love, and have almost every version of it. Queen obviously is the best one, but I love hearing other artists take on my song.  

I love buying random covers of 80’s songs, even though I wasnt alive for much of the 80’s. I am a huge tv fan, and if I listed every show I watch, like my itunes budget, you really will cringe. I am a horrible speller, and manager of my time and how I spend it. I am the best at my current job, and now consider it completely boring. I love musicals, and never stay on one topic too long, unless it’s an argument, then I’ll never let it go. (especially if I am winning) Speaking of winning, I am a very competitive person, and a sore winner as well as a really sore loser. (so basically, playing a game with me automatically means whatever the outcome, you will feel like you lost) I love to trash talk, and my first crush was basically because the back and forth of a good fight. Right now my Itunes is on repeat with the song “Your Love” by Midtown ( a band I have never heard of, but I love this song)

At the moment, I feel content as this being my intro to a journey where the destination is still unclear. Come aboard, and welcome to the jungle!




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